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10th edition from July 19 to 26, 2020

Program in progress


Tango Roots Festival


of the 9th edition



Dancers, musicians, singers, but also actresses, poets, and even activists or political personalities, women have breathed tango to life, from its beginnings all the way to today.

The 9th edition of the festival puts women in the spotlight, exploring their place in tango through its evolution. Tango songs are filled with women, obviously, some of them becoming true characters of t he repertoire, like Malena or Madame Ivonne ... There is also in the poetry of tango, a particular emphasis on the mythical figure of the French girl, the charming "francesita", gone from "grisette" to "griseta" ... "Mina", "percanta", "papusa", "minerva" ... are just some of the terms that lunfardo uses in tango to designate women.

Through the work of the artists involved, we will take a look at the feminine imagery of dance, music and poetry, but also at the relationship and cultural roles that have been assigned to both sexes in tango. In addition, we will highlight the characteristics of women's movements that are part of the growing mobilizations of women in Argentina and Uruguay.



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