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Argentine / France




She is from Paris. He comes from Buenos Aires. Andrés and Natacha get to know each other in the milongas of Buenos Aires and in early 2015, they choose to develop together a new look to the tango that makes them appear as a rising couple on the international scene. Today they represent an inevitable couple in Paris where they have opened regular classes for the past 2 years that makes the tango world talk about them.

Open-minded, eager to share and with good teaching skills, they provide concrete ways for everyone to progress and discover new perspectives, irrespective of the level. Through a precise body technique, they teach their students how to make the most of a social dance in a ball. They aspire to a warm and natural dance, far from clichés and focused on listening and improvisation, reconciling clarity of guidance and the softness of the contact, anchorage, intimate connection of the closed embrace and freedom of movement.  

Brought up in a family of artists between painting, classical and improvised music, Natacha discovers tango in Paris in 2006. Very soon, she scoured the milongas and festivals to be inspired in the arms of dancers from around the world, developing a sensitive and spontaneous dance that will make of her a remarkable social dancer. She gets trained by renowned professors in Paris (Judith Elbaz and Christophe Lambert, Imed Chemam..) and Buenos Aires (Moira Castellano, Mariella Sametband..) and seeks to understand the particularities of each, beyond styles to dance a tango that resembles her. Today she is one of the hopes of the French tango in the international front.

Andrés is a pure product of milongas of Buenos Aires. Scouring the milongas night after night, he learns on the dancing floor and enriches his knowledge by training with Julio Balmaceda et Corina de la Rosa, Sergio Natario et Alejandra Arrue, Luciana Valle, ... Insatiable, he gets inspired from his daily encounters, practice and regular exchanges with other dancers. He quickly becomes a respected and influential dancer amidst the young generation of Tangueros. He is also known as one of the organisers and DJs of the world-renowned «El Yeite Tango Club » of Buenos Aires and El Garròn in Paris.  When he is not teaching in Paris, Andrés travels across Europe and Asia where he has already been invited to dance in more than thirty cities.