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Sol is a dancer, choreographer and actress. She distinguishes herself by her versality and commitment to dance and art, with studies not only in tango but also in comtemporary dance, ballet, jazz dance, clown dance, body language, drama and singing in renowned institutions. She won the Metropolitan Tango Championship of Buenos Aires in the category Tango-Milonga in 2010 and won the 4th place in the category Tango Salon of the Tango World of Buenos Aires, contest in which more than 500 participating couples are presented.  She dances in the national and international tango shows such as «Tango Metropolis", "Tango y Noche", "Bodas de Sangre", "Código Tango", "Estampas porteñas", "Tango Rouge Company", "Arrebato de Tango". "Tango Secrets Show" (co-choreography) and «Compagnie Esquina Carlos Gardel". On tour in Argentina, Latin America, the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania. In August 2012, she was co-choreographer of the Tribute to the great dancer Maria Nieves, presented at the Luna Park at Buneos Aires.


Fernando is first trained in ballet and jazz dance. He is reputed worlwide as one of the youngest choreographers of tango. Tango dancer of more than 20 years, he has performed in the biggest theaters of Europe, Asia and North America since 2004. He won the World Tango Championship in 2007 in his category, Stage Tango, he works as a Choreographer and jury in many competitions both in Argentina and in the world.  Honorary member of Word Council of Dance and all arts of UNESCO. Together since 2010, they have received numerous awards and distinctions, such as the jury selection of the Tango World of Moscow,  Rome, Shanghai, Seoul and Los Angeles and the stable members of the World Dance Council in 2018. They have been chosen by the Government of the city of Buenos Aires to be juries for different sub-sites of the World Tango Championship, including sites of Moscow, Rome and Shanghai, Seoul, Los Angeles (United States) and different national venues such as Mendoza, Salta, Santa Fe. In 2016, they participate as dancers in the film "Tita of Buenos Aires”.